High School Sweetheart Breath F3

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Genetics: (Gage Green Genetics created both strains – (High School Sweetheart F2 x (Mendo Breath F3) F3)

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This project was originally started in Humboldt from a breeder with 20 years’ experience. He used a Male Mendo Breath F3 purple pheno and dusted the Cherry Pie Kush pheno of the High School Sweetheart from Gage Green Genetics. I took this F1 and then bring it to an F2 through vigorous selection. From the F2’s I ran over 30 plants then took cuttings. Ran them and then kept the Male and Female we loved. We knew we had a winner with the male. He was a stinky BIG beast and smelled like a skunk died in my room. Unlike any male I have ever run. The F2 female stuck out which smelled like sweet cherry candy and had purple, pink hairs with lime green buds. She was an amazing plant. I know you will love the yield and resin production on this plant. Like Gage Green said, “This would be a great plant for hash”. I have to agree! High School Sweet Heart Breath F3 is a large yielder with Sweet Cherry Candy Mendo Breath Funk. 

Flowering time – 8 to 9 weeks

Very resilient to mold

Easy to grow – Great for beginners

Large Yield for the patients who love to smoke

45 % / 55 % Sativa Hybrid

11 Seeds per pack