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Genetics - CPKB BX1 - Cherry Pie Kush BREATH #4 x Cherry Pie Kush BREATH F2 Male

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Pics from Sharky. He yielded 11oz from this plant.

Breeder: Socal Seed Vault

Genetics: CPKB BX1 - Cherry Pie Kush BREATH #4 x Cherry Pie Kush BREATH F2 Male

Description: This is my latest release of the infamous CPKB. I back crossed our F1 #4 keeper pheno and hit her with our F2 male. I used a F2 male I named Marvelous Marvin Hagler. One of my all-time favorite boxers. He was stacked from top to bottom and a little smaller than Jake Lamotta. He had purple flowers though out and smelled exactly like the F1 #4 keeper pheno. I know the BX1 will be amazing in every way. This one pictured is Sharley’s "Road Kill Skunk" pheno he found. Said she smelled exactly like old school Skunks. She had huge yields and just as good potency. Multiple keepers in every pack.

This will be as far I take the project in regular seeds. Get them while they last!

Free pack of The Ultimate (Dutch Passion) x High School Sweetheart Breath F2 (Gage Green Group created both, F2 by us)  - A 2016 cross I made that was pulled from the vault! (While Supplies Last!)

Flowering is 8 to 9 weeks

Shipping: $6.00 US and $15 World Wide

Thanks everyone for your support. SSV