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Genetics: Cherry Pie Kush BREATH x Thug Roze (Regular) by Ethos (Roze x Lilac Diesel BX4)

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Pictured at 7 weeks. She's leaning towards the Thug Roze. Smells like Super Lemon Haze. A wonderful plant. Cuttings from this very plant coming soon.

Male hunted from Pack #26 of 120 of the Limited Release from Gage Green Genetics



I grabbed a pack of Thug Roze from a seed bank in Canada due to the Lilac Diesel BX Ethos has been working. It was straight fire. The Thug Roze has terpene profiles like I have never smelled. Super SOUR, Sweet Candy and straight up tart. She gets HUGE and was the largest yielder out of this run. Sticky icky is an understatement. Can’t tell you how amazing this strain was. I pollenated her with our male “Jake LaMotta” aka Raging Bull. I will probably bring Thug Roze to an F2 as it is very hard to find in regular seed form with these genetics.


Type: 10 Regular Seeds in every pack


Free pack of The Ultimate x High School Sweetheart Breath F2


Thanks everyone for all your support. Much love ~ SSV Crew