Super Strawberry OG

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Super Strawberry OG – (Rainbow Sherbert F2 x Super Strawberry Diesel) x (Archive Seed Bank) Kirkwood OG

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This is my best work hands down. I spent over a year pheno hunting and always burning midnight oil to complete projects. Guaranteed keepers in every pack. I’m very proud of this run and believe this project will push my brand to the next level.

I picked out an amazing pheno from my Strawberry Hash Plant that was straight Strawberries and gas. This plant stunk so bad it made my house smell like dank. A buddy came over while going through the plant and loved the terp profile that seeped from my office room. Great yields with some of the stickiest buds out of the run. Such an amazing plant. She performed great through out the grow and took cloning perfectly. This might be the dark horse of the grow. She was that good.

7 1/2 - 9 weeks flowering time