Soul Rebel - MAC F2 x Grape DoSi V2

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An amazing mix from Cannarado. (Grape pie x Do Si Dos V2) with the MAC F2 this strain is amazing!

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Strain: Soul Rebel

Genetics: M.A.C. F2 x Grape Do Si V2

Description: Our MAC males were amazing. We used an open pollen with 2 males. One I was looking for was the Columbian Gold leaning and I found it. The other was a red pheno that was off the charts.

Grape Dosi I would not recommend for new growers. It threw a few flowers the first time running it but the second time I had no problems. I think I over fed and freaked her out. Once you get the hang of it this is a super dank strain to grow. An amazing mix from Cannarado. Grape pie x Di So Dos V2. Will be more stable with the MAC. Seasoned growers can pull it off. Just tread lightly with feeding.

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