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Genetics: Cherry Pie Kush BREATH x Girl Scout Cookies (The Cali Connection)

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I have been itching to run Girl Scout Cookies again and grab a pack out of the vault from TCC. I found an amazing pheno similar to the one I used with the Chocolate Cookies. She was amazing in every way. Super-fast finisher and great yields. Had frost throughout and had the classic cookie funk to her. Would be great for outdoors as well as indoor. I pollenated her with our male “Jake LaMotta” aka Raging Bull. I know you will absolutely love Cherry-Tastic!


Fun Fact – Straight from Gage Green Genetics - Cherry Pie Kush is the original Cherry Pie and Cookies. Rumored to be a cross of multiple lines including Durban Poison, Chemdog and Paki Chitral Kush, the Cherry Pie Kush is a creation by George, who has chosen to remain out of the limelight.


Type: 10 Regular Seeds in every pack


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Thanks everyone for all your support. Much love ~ SSV Crew