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You will receive 2 different pheno's of the Kirkwood OG. Our Larger yielding pheno and our small yielding pheno. Both are fire but definitely different. These packs will shine in your garden. 

*** I call it V2 because I had released a F2 in the past. ***

I first ran Kirkwood OG back in 2016 and was one of my first F2’s. After running OG Kush’s my whole life, Kirkwood OG is one of my favorites and still holds true to this day. I picked up a pack of the re-release of them from Archive and had to OG my some of my lines. Gassy, pine and lemon terps are what to expect. Every pheno in this pack was fire but I choose a larger yielding one that I believe is the F-cut. It’s hard to say as I have run Face Off OG BX2 in the past but it’s definitely different. Picture perfect bud structure with that superior quality that Archive brings. This is not for novice growers. She tends to be needy at times and might give problems as a lot of OG Kush strains do. My progression has shined after all these years and it shows with my F2 version 2.0 of Kirkwood OG.

8 - 9 1/2 weeks flowering time