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Genetics: Apothecary Genetics – Rainbow Sherbert  (M) x Krop Duster – Purple Mexican Heirloom

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Strain: Chicklet

Genetics: Apothecary Genetics – Rainbow Sherbert  (M) x Krop Duster – Purple Mexican Heirloom

Description: This is a project that I wanted to do for a long time. We wanted to offer some different terp profiles from the same ole same ole. We dug in our vault and pulled out some old and new school strains to mix with the Rainbow Sherbert F2.

Male: Apothecary Genetics has been one of my favorite breeders for some time now. I chose to use their Rainbow Sherbert due to the Champagne, along with the Blackberry. We brought it to an F2 and ran our male. He was beautiful with huge flowers and amazing magenta colors throughout. Short and stout with great structure with many flower sites. The leaves turned autumn colors towards the last weeks. He was frosty and super sticky to the touch with a dank stink to him. 

Female: The Purple Mexican Heirloom was sourced by Krop Duster. This is straight fire.   Really fun to grow and crazy purple. One of the most purple plants I have ever run. Sourced from a grower in Michoacán state who worked the strain for many generations. I’m really excited for this cross and know it will shine in any garden. Contact Krop Duster for the original. You will not be disappointed.

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